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Simulation outputs from AI/ML models formatted into JSON files

Covid 19 Simulations in JSON

Script to converts csv’s provided by AFRL Explainable Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to json files separated by locations



Simulation Sources

Example usage

  1. Visit USDA and obtain a FIPS Code

    • Counties are the same as this site trimming out the leading zeroes
    • States are multiplied by 1000 (example Alabama –> 1000)
    • Countries only include the United States at this time with FIPS 840
  2. Visit desired hierarchy (countries, states, counties)/FIPS.json

Requirements to Edit

Folder structure


Stores all json files in hierarchy as follows


scripts used to parse csv’s into json format

npm run build

Fetches files based on date in script (need to update to fetch yesterday’s date automatically), unzips it, and runs the parse script.

npm run parse

Runs a script located at scripts/parse.js

npm run clean

Removes ignored files to make fetching fresh

npm run fetch

Fetches the latest files, unzips them, and places them in the files directory